To Manufacture the Dodecahedron Dome in Franklin NC

Just spent this morning in a fascinating conversation with Rob, who taught me how to build the dome years ago like the one you see here. We are going to manufacture the dome pieces like you see in the beginning of this VIDEO. Actually all the parts of this dome including the plywood roofing can fit into the back of a F150 pickup!

The superstructure itself can go up in 1-2 days with even a crew of four and then the third day the roof parts are nailed onto the superstructure and the coating that is all natural is placed on it. This coating should last up to 10 years.

We will only provide the outer shell and then a regular carpenter crew can do the interior.

All the pieces of the superstructure that we will manufacture are COLORED coded and go together like a gigantic Tinkertoy!

The DODECAHEDRON dome is the strongest dome and the dome is the strongest man-made structure on the Planet. It can easily withstand Category 4 and probably 5 winds. Water from the hurricane surge will flow either over the top or around the dome. The dome has also been simulated to withstand earthquakes high on the Richter Scale.

I always learn an interesting tidbit from Rob about domes. Today I learned how GEORGE WASHINGTON was the person who insisted on using a dome for the top of the US Capitol . He had seen dome structures in Europe but had no clue how to create the one for the Capitol! Rob said that actually there are TWO domes – the original for the Capitol is underneath the one we see now!

We should be building our first one at the beginning of 2018!

MR Valentine

CEO & Founder

NO Manufacturing for Us!

Yes I decided NOT to get us in the manufacturing business by being a part of SOS Prep Tech.

We have tried the manufacturing route before when were going to create a new UAV/drone used to “sniff” out meth labs in these western North Carolina mountains. We had a great deal of interest but the government regulations at that time were murky and unknown. So glad we did not pursue this avenue!

I will let Steve, our former General Manager, do the manufacturing and hopefully not have to muddle through the NEVER ending state and Federal regulations!

We will FOCUS on working with the suppliers that make our new XtremePreparedness Eco-Village a REALITY!

MR Valentine

CEO & Founder

Our Motto

Our long time motto has been: BE PREPARED NOT SCARED!

However I think the videos you see at the heading Preparedness & Survival TV have been instilling F.E.A.R. or FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL as my mentor the late FOSTER HIBBARD taught.

So in this VIDEO and future ones I will NOT share any SCARY or FEARFUL scenarios as we are a CHRIST centered company and CHRIST does NOT instill F.E.A.R.!

MR Valentine

CEO & Founder

Our NEW XtremePreparedness Eco-Village!

I have waited MANY YEARS to FINALLY see what I envisioned for what we now will call our XTREMEPREPAREDNESS ECO-VILLAGE!

We now have all the necessary pieces of the puzzle to make these XTREMEPREPAREDNESS ECO-VILLAGES a REALITY!

I will be sending these incredible renderings by my MAGIC MAN KYLE off to SIR RICHARD BRANSON’S TEAM and the UK government contact they sent me. Hopefully we will play a role in their new vision for the British Virgin Islands future of GREEN and SUSTAINABLE!

We will be building what you see here in Franklin NC and later in New Zealand locations of XTREMEPREPAREDNESS.


MR Valentine

CEO & Founder

Puerto Rico

Yes I have been communicating with Claudio in Puerto Rico who was referred to me by Tim, creator of the CrankAWatt unit as seen above. This one is a newer version that is smaller and lighter in weight.

Claudio actually would like to be a dealer and also have other products that we can provide him through XtremePreparedness beyond the CrankAWatt like the Bioponica system and other products that we dealerships for. I think he would even be interested in the tiny container homes.

I just emailed him back to see what his financial situation is.

Keep you updated!

MR Valentine

CEO & Founder

GOD Changes The Game Plan Part 2

I have also decided to do what I teach all my students that follow the advice in my FREE EBOOKLET you can get here and LEAVE LinkedIn and Twitter by the end of this week!

SECRECY contracts that Steve and I signed for the Nicolas Tesla technology driven Preparedness products we will be manufacturing and marketing preclude discussing them on Social Media!

Since we will be so FOCUSED on this project we have not got the time to share what is happening!

I will still use this site to keep those following it informed of what is happening other wise at XtremePreparedness. Also you that follow will have the FIRST opportunity to purchase these products as they are manufactured.

MR Valentine

GOD Changes The Game Plan! Part 1


There will be MAJOR changes coming to XtremePreparedness!

Steve and I were invited to a meeting in a non-disclosed place and that meeting with GO TO FEDERAL PRISON NON-DISCLOSURE implications is the reason!

Can not tell you more than this!

So for the foreseeable future ALL plans for this business are NO longer being pursued!

All I can say is Steve and I by signing this agreement have been allowed to see and participate with a PREPAREDNESS product that has NICOLAS TESLA technology!

MR Valentine

Armor of GOD Part 2

We all have witnessed what I think is the ARRIVAL OF SATAN On Planet Earth at the tragic shooting in Las Vegas! Paul warned us of this happening along with John when he was on the island of Patmos.

In Ephesians 6:12 Paul says:

“For we are NOT (my emphasis) fighting against human beings but against the WICKED SPIRITUAL FORCES IN THE HEAVENLY WORLD (my emphasis), the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of the DARK AGE (my emphasis). So put on your ARMOR OF GOD NOW (my emphasis)!”

In Revelations 12 God shares a vision with John about what will happen in this DARK AGE. There will be a WAR in heaven with Michael and his arch angels and Satan and his angels. Satan and his angels will be THROWN DOWN TO EARTH beginning the DARK AGE!

That guy who shot all those people was POSSESSED by SATAN! All indications show he was not a member of ISIS. He was not a gun fanatic before he did this horrible act. The media also wanted us to know he had no RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUAL leanings. He also had no political axe to grind!

All I can see is that SATAN POSSESSED him upon his return to EARTH as predicted in Revelations 12!

More on the ARMOR OF GOD in next post!

MR Valentine



Armor of GOD Part 1

I have previously shared this post and others to come about the importance of the ARMOR OF GOD with our Team XtremePreparedness and they all agree!

I don’t think we at this time can fail to wear the ARMOR OF GOD especially concerning our MISSION as a CHRIST CENTERED company!

I want to share with you from Ephesians what Paul told them regarding the days WE are in RIGHT NOW!

Beginning at Ephesians 6:10:

“Finally, build up your STRENGTH WITH THE LORD (my emphasis) and by means of his MIGHTY POWER (my emphasis). Put on ALL THE ARMOR (my emphasis) that GOD (my emphasis) gives you, so that you will be able to STAND UP AGAINST THE DEVIL’S EVIL TRICKS (my emphasis).”

Where does the STRENGTH come from?


How do we get this STRENGTH?


Why do we do this?


The most EVIL of his tricks is to get YOU to believe he does NOT exist!

He DOES!!!

More in next post!

MR Valentine