Are You FIT? Part 3


Continuing with tips to lose ONE POUND of FAT:

*DRINK WATER! Here is a way to hydrate offered in October Men’s Health that will work IF you are DISCIPLINED.

Set your phone to countdown to 2 HOURS. THEN drink an 8 once glass of WATER. Push the countdown button. Make sure to drink another 8 once glass of water BEFORE timer goes off. Then reset timer.

Do this the entire time you are AWAKE!

I am going to start doing this myself.

By the way if like myself you don’t like the taste of plain water add a slice of SQUEEZED LEMON to it! This will also cut the fat cells by 50% according to research.

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
ISSA Fitness Trainer

Are You FIT? Part 2


Think you can lose ONE POUND of FAT (not WATER)?

Here are some ways I learned in my October Men’s Health:

*PUT THE FORK/SPOON DOWN! Be MINDFUL of what you are eating! Don’t see how fast you can shove it in! CHEW before you swallow preferably 20 times!


*EAT AT LEAST 30 GRAMS OF PROTEIN 3 TIMES A DAY! This one serving is equivalent to the size of a deck of cards as I have said before.

*SLEEP 8 HOURS PER 24! As I have mentioned before sleeping 8 hours will help ELIMINATE your belly!

*FRUITS & VEGGIES EVERY MEAL! Look at what I have discussed at the header 6 Day Diet That Works!

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Hugh Simpson
ISSA Fitness Trainer

Are You FIT? Part 1


Today I begin this series and invite you to see how you can lose ONE POUND fairly easily!

First why not read the plan I teach my students that is totally SCIENTIFICALLY based under the heading 6 Day Diet that WORKS!. This was what ISSA taught me twenty years ago!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

My Own Story Part 3

Again I BACKSLID until about 5 years ago when as a former CBS News CONSUMER reporter I decided to see if the SUBWAY CHALLENGE really worked!

I had purchased a pair of size 28 pants with the goal to see if I could go from 36 to 28!

I decided to use the $3 Subway Breakfast for my challenge.

I was only about a mile walk from my Avondale Estates Subway. I would get up early in the morning and walk BRISKLY to that Subway.

They had WiFi they let me use along with electric plugs on the walls for my laptop.

After having a breakfast like you see HERE I would head to our American Legion Post 66 about a quarter of a mile away.

There I might later in the afternoon eat a half a sandwich and before going home in the evening I would enjoy a SMALL dinner.

I did this routine for 6 MONTHS and by then I was comfortably in the size 28 pants!

At 6 feet tall I was told by friends I looked to gaunt and needed to gain some weight back!

Of course all the people who told me this were OVERWEIGHT themselves!

FIVE YEARS later I have gained some of the weight back and now comfortably fit into a size 32-34.

It can be done even after age 60 like I did!

Next post begins my series Are You FIT?

Hugh Simpson
ISSA Fitness Trainer

My Own Story Part 2

So after participating in the first triathlon I got HOOKED!

I did several more and added two Coors Lite biathlons!

THEN I began to BACKSLIDE again until I began my national Comcast TV show on holistic health and fitness.

I was able to get Dr.Oz on it twice and to this day he is one of my all time favorite guests over the three year period my show ran. He truly is WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! NO prima dona!

Also the Drs. Hellers of Carbo Diet fame were fun to have on especially when she showed us her original pants she wore and that we put up next to the three of us showing we all could have fit in them!

It was as I spent time reading their books (YES I READ THEM!) and interviewing them that I realized I wanted to get back in shape.

As many of you know I was a former CBS News CONSUMER reporter and I decided I wanted to see how much so called personal fitness trainers really knew about fitness.

Fortunately ISSA – International Sports Science Association co-founders agreed and they set me up to participate in their training program and test coming to Atlanta 6 WEEKS from the time I contacted them!

I was told that package containing my training materials would be overnighted to me.

When I open the package I found myself staring at a 600 plus page book and 6 videos!

I began to study the book and realized I was in deep over my head!

The information in the book was a combination of biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy! I had only studied biology in high school as the sciences were not my strong suit!

Fortunately the information in the book was fascinating and the ISSA experts made it easy to understand!

However remember I had only 6 weeks before the test in Atlanta. I spent almost every day studying the material and watching the videos.

Finally the weekend for my class training and test arrived.

I walked into the class to find I definitely was the OLDEST person in the class at 50! In fact several of the cute fit young ladies asked if I was in the RIGHT class!

Next in walked our instructor and I could not believe who it was!

It was a bodybuilder I had read about in my Muscle & Fitness magazines – former Mr Universe Tom “Oak Legs” Platz! If you think guys like Platz are only HUGE MUSCLE HEADS think again! Platz had a MASTERS DEGREE in Sports Physiology!

Platz was a blast as a teacher telling us stories about the legends of body building and even admitting to us that he had taken body enhancing drugs at one time. I had heard and read that Frank Zane was the only one who did it naturally and Tom confirmed the story.

After taking our written final exam we then went downstairs to the world famous Evander Holyfield Gym to take the practical part of the exam.

Well this 50 year old guy struggled through the practical but passed it along with the written test to the cheers of his VERY YOUNG and FIT classmates!

Tom even gave us autographed photos of himself in his prime body building days and I still have mine 20 years later!

MORE in next post!

Hugh Simpson
ISSA Fitness Trainer

My Own Story Part 1

Yes I was OVERWEIGHT most of my life!


In fact it was only at 42 that I got my WAKEUP CALL when my long time friend and former West Point grad and then Special Forces, Charles, challenged me to participate in my first TRIATHLON!

Now all I knew about triathlons was about this event over in Hawaii called an Ironman. I thought Charles was talking about doing one of those! Actually he was challenging me to participate in a MINI triathlon at Hard Labor Creek Park outside of Atlanta. This would be a half mile swim, a 21 mile bike ride and a 10k run.

Still for an OVERWEIGHT and OUT-OF-SHAPE me this might as well have been an Ironman!

So I began to drive the 40 mile one way trip to Hard Labor Creek Park several times a week to ride the bike route. I had only a THREE speed HEAVY bike that the other participants must have thought I was crazy to use!

I was a pretty good swimmer at FSU so I was not as worried about that event. However I was so glad this old man at the swimming stage, which was first, suggested that I stay at the BACK of the swimmers unless I wanted to risk being kicked in the head and drowning! I listened or might not have been writing this now!

I finished DEAD LAST in the triathlon but I was overjoyed that I finished!

More of my journey to FITNESS in next post!

Hugh Simpson
ISSA Fitness Trainer

New Direction for 2017

After catching Dr Phil show today featuring several well known fitness experts with a number of OBESE people both on the stage and in the audience, I realized what direction I was going with XTREMEPREPAREDNESS in 2017.

I will bet you a MILLION DOLLARS these OBESE individuals if put into the following scenarios, they would DIE!

*A heavy piece of furniture falls on THEM and if they don’t lift it off in the next few SECONDS it will either seriously injure them or kill them! If you don’t think this could happen to you or one of your loved ones especially children, ask IKEA!

*A fire breaks out in the second floor of their home and the exit to the stairs is not possible. The only way they can get out in the few SECONDS is climbing through the window and down the portable ladder in the room, which should be a MUST in EVERY room upstairs!

*Someone breaks into their home with the intent of KILLING them and the only possible escape is RUNNING for their life!

*They are vacationing at a remote cabin when an emergency occurs requiring them to get immediate help. They find the cell phone will not work and also their vehicle won’t start. They are a good mile from the nearest neighbor and time is of the essence!

*They are out on the lake and the boat capsizes and throws them in the water.

If you don’t think these scenarios are REAL then ask the FIT Mom who went for help recently that required her to traverse over a rugged dangerous mountainous climb to get a cell phone signal! She went instead of her husband because she had taken a wilderness first aid course and was a competitive runner! AND she certainly was NOT OBESE!

So could YOU SURVIVE these scenarios?

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
ISSA Fitness Trainer

Escape & Evasion Part 16


Here is some good advice from Jack Reacher: “Look don’t see. Listen don’t hear. The more you ENGAGE the LONGER you SURVIVE!

When you are planning your attack ALWAYS also plan your INEVITABLE RETREAT!

Years ago I learned from studying NEUROLINGUSTICS that you could tell if a person was telling the truth or lying. When someone looks up to the LEFT they are REMEMBERING something and to the RIGHT he or she is MAKING UP something!

Remember when you are in particularly a LIFE OR DEATH situation use OVERWHELMING FORCE – HIT HARD & FAST!

Both a DOG that barks too much or one that does NOT bark are USELESS for protection!

Usually the human brain notices both SPEED and DISCONTINUITY.  For example the TURTLE is basically ignored compared to the CHEETAH! Remember this when you are moving in a scenario.

To keep a potential DOOR from squeaking always LIFT UP on it! Try to stay away from SCREENED DOORS! If you have to use a screen door just cut a “X” in it. Pull it back and then sit down with your FEET facing TOWARDS the door. Jack yourself off the floor and shuffle out the door.

When you are confronting an asshole don’t yell at him. instead use a CALM, QUIET, PATIENT voice that makes it abundantly clear to the asshole you mean business and add an ICY STARE!

Be SKEPTICAL however but not TOTALLY skeptical.

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 15


When you are leaving a hotel and don’t want to be followed send down your bags. Then leave the room by stairs but do not go to lobby! Stop off at another floor and stay out of sight for several hours. Usually the watchers will give up!

There will most likely be excessive adrenaline from a fight which can take 10-20 seconds to wear off. Get back to as normal as possible before going on!

NEVER think ahead about the aftermath of a fight! Those that do usually NEVER fight again because they are DEAD!

PARKS are usually good places to hide out and rendezvous for clandestine meetings. The HUNTERS seem to think the HUNTED will stay on the move. You are not as likely to be spotted in a park with LOTS of other people especially if you are dressed like them!

When you want to look like you BELONG where you are, look like you belong! If New York look like you belong by wearing a Yankees baseball cap! Look like a tourist in any famous city!

When you are assaulting a location get to the HIGHEST ground or height to carry out the mission!

According to extensive Soviet research by their psych experts FOUR AM is the BEST time to plan an ATTACK!

When going UP DOGLEGGED STAIRS always go up with your BACK to the stairs looking over your shoulder and plant feet at EDGE of stairs!

When you want to do some psych warfare against a person/s stomp on the floor ABOVE them and move back ASAP from where you stomped on the floor to avoid bullet/s coming up towards you!

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 14


Here is one you might not think pertains to ESCAPE & EVASION but it applies to EVERY aspect of your PREPAREDNESS & SURVIVAL especially today:

*SECRECY is relative and one man’s secret is another one’s joke! This is the way some supposedly classified info goes public.

KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! NEVER tell your friends, neighbors or even blabber mouth relatives about your PREPAREDNESS storage in your home or at your SAFE AREA!

When the SH-T hits the fan your so called friends, neighbors and even relatives could become DESPERATE and your PREPAREDNESS stuff could become THEIR’S!

Don’t think this could NOT happen!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson