Using ProSource Resistance System for Seniors


I have been an International Sports Science Association certified personal trainer for over 20 years. I have used resistance bands before and most have been flimsy ones but not the ProSource Resistance System!

Recently the American Heart Association recommended a form of exercise for SENIORS especially those that had experienced a heart attack that actually surprised me – CIRCUIT TRAINING!

I had previously thought it was for elite YOUNG athletes and actually had not practiced myself on this 71 year young body!

Before using the ProSource Resistance System I had been using dumb bells and kettle bells for my new CIRCUIT TRAINING.

As I am also a Preparedness and Survival consultant I tell my clients they must be FIT to be PREPARED! Also I have told them about CIRCUIT TRAINING and how they need to do it; however I also stress PORTABILITY for their BUG-OUT BACKPACK they have with them at all times! Some of my seniors have a hard time carrying a 35 pound backpack from the house to the vehicle so I have been using more PORTABLE items to get the weight down.

You certainly can't carry dumb bells and kettle bells. So resistance bands is what I had recommended and was using myself in my backpack. Problem is that most were flimsy and did not offer the levels of resistance that I now can create with my ProSource system – 14 allowing me to use all four bands to reach 56 pounds of resistance!

I discovered a new CIRCUIT TRAINING system in my Men's Health developed my Client Eastwood's son who is a stuntman. You use your MAXIMUM weight you can lift for the exercise for 8 reps which for me is 30 pounds for a bicep curl. Then you rest 20 SECONDS and repeat with 10 pounds less which would be 20 pounds as many times as possible. It is an AWESOME HEART PUMPING training! I usually rests at least a minute before moving to the next exercise which is a tricep one.

I discovered that the ProSource system allowed me to use the black 16-20 pound resistance band for 20 pounds resistance and then combine it with the red 8-12 to get 30 pounds resistance.

What I also like about the ProSource system is the booklet that comes with it offering all the exercises you need to get the American Heart Association TOTAL BODY workout. I recommend that one do upper body the first CIRCUIT TRAINING session and then two days later do the lower body exercises. Both times you should do the CORE exercises as a STRONG CORE is essential to good health as my buddy Dr Oz says!

I will assure you my ProSource Resistance System will be in my backpack from now on and you can get yours at our STORE heading above!

MR Valentine

Your SAFE AREA! Part 3

Here are some things you need to check BEFORE your either BUY or RENT your SAFE AREA:

1. Decide what YOU want for your SAFE AREA BEFORE you buy or rent! For instance if you want to make your SAFE AREA as secure as possible I tell my clients to HIDE it by putting it UNDERGROUND! If you follow this advice then you may not need a home above ground but only property. It goes without saying NEVER open your big mouth and let ANYONE but your family KNOW about it!

2. If you decide to rent or buy property with a home on it or build one, make sure you have a MINIMUM of 5 acres! Actually you want to see if you can purchase up to 50 acres according to some experts. Also make sure that it has a GOOD source of RUNNING water as opposed to being on a lake. The proper speed of the water enables you to use it for powering up necessary items when the grid goes down!

3. If you are not going underground make sure that your property offers a DEFENSIVE POSITION. I would encourage you to NEVER buy in one of those so called mountain retreat areas even if the owners do have 5 acres or more between them! These are still neighbors who during a disaster are too close! 

When you do purchase or rent your property I suggest to my clients that you find one that sits HIGH up on a hill or mountain like we have here in western North Carolina. This way you have a view of what could be threatening to your safety! Goes without saying to be LOCKED AND LOADED at your SAFE AREA! 

I also highly recommend you buy a QUALITY system like hunters use to watch for deer that is directly connected to your home. This way you don't have to be outside to see danger. 

More suggestions in next post!

MR Valentine


Your SAFE AREA! Part 2

As promised here is what SENIORS should be doing.

First you should determine if you are going to live FULL TIME in FLORIDA or NORTH CAROLINA. This can apply to ANY scenario where you are keeping up two residences.

SELL one of them ASAP! Decide where you want to live FULL TIME and SELL the other! 

You can ALWAYS RENT in one of the locations. I would prefer you RENT in BOTH!

Here is a real example. My friend Marty, who is a SENIOR on oxygen and in poor health, has a place here that she just put up for sale. One part of the place was her gem store and other two were apartments. Currently she lives with her friend Betty, who is another SENIOR in worse health than Marty! Betty has a $350,000 home on the golf course in Waynesville, NC. She has no heirs and has willed the home to Marty, who is taking care of Betty. 

My suggestion to Marty would be to get the money for her place here and SAFE it! Then when Betty passes away Marty should sell the house on the golf course ASAP! She should get probably $400,000-500,000 for it! Waynesville is the new Asheville where it is getting too expensive for many to live there. 

Then Marty should RENT NOT BUY a nice apartment or condo. Take the savings and INVEST with my GO TO WEALTH GUY Grant Cardone in his apartments! Marty does NOT need the headaches of the 3 Ts – tenants, toilets and termites! 

Since Waynesville is not a huge urban area like Asheville is becoming, Marty can set up her SAFE AREA right in her RENTED living space.

You other SENIORS who sell one of your residences should then find a place to RENT and set it up as your SAFE AREA as long as it is NOT in another urban area. 

We offer consulting services here for helping YOU get your SAFE AREA set up.

MR Valentine


Your SAFE AREA! Part 1 

Been a while since I posted here but as we head to more and more dangerous uncertain times in the USA it is IMPERATIVE you have a SAFE AREA at least 100 MILES from an urban area like ATLANTA and it’s surrounding areas! 

Today I am talking to mostly MILLENNIALS and SENIORS!

You Millennials are most likely just starting your family at least that is what I note on my HGTV shows! As I watch that show I ask myself as I am sure my GO TO WEALTH GUY Grant Cardone does – WHY ARE YOU NOT RENTING? 

Why are you BUYING? I saw one young couple with NO children as they were newly weds buying an $800,000 beach front home in Pensacola! I never heard them say what they did for a living but I know they were not entrepreneurs! In another words they had JOBS! They did not CONTROL their destiny! 

They should have taken that $800,000 and RENTED on the beach! Then they should have invested in APARTMENTS and a SAFE AREA! 

Tomorrow what SENIORS should be doing!

MR Valentine 


Getting Ready for First Boot Camp!


It is the summer in just a few days and we are getting ready to ROCK N ROLL!

We will be offering the boot camp you see in WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA mountains of three days with former U.K. Royal Marine Commando and Special Boat Services member TIM CROCKETT along with myself.

First you MUST submit the results of a physical exam in the LAST 6 MONTHS.

Then you need to purchase Greg’s Firebreather Fitness and start doing the exercises in the book! 

Also read what will be offered and what you need to bring!

Finally LIMITED to only 8 participants!

If you have any interest you better contact me at Subject- 1st Boot Camp.

MR Valentine


Ready to Start The NEW Company

We offer FITNESS, PREPAREDNESS and SURVIVAL boot camps around the world!

I have a new Power Point presentation that shows how we now offer a ONE STOP SHOP for our clients needs of preparing their loved ones with BUG-OUT BACKPACKS, underground units equipped with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical filters and Bioponica setups, and 24/7/365 security with our former members of US and U.K. Special Forces. We also offer ways to DISAPPEAR and RE-APPEAR discussed in the FREE ebooklet you can get HERE

We are at your service!

MR Valentine