Situational AWARENESS Part 6

I said we were finished discussing SITUATIONAL AWARENESS; however I forgot about those of you going ABROAD and how important it is for your safety!

First have you checked to see if the area you are considering visiting is on the US State Department Watch List? This list is expanding because of the rise in terrorism.

When you get there make sure you don’t look like an American tourist! If there is an attack like the ones recently in Europe, AMERICANS are going to be targeted first! So stay AWAY from particularly night spots popular with visiting Americans! Find ones that the locals visit and dress to fit in!

If you don’t speak the language already consider learning enough to IMPRESS the natives of the country you are visiting. Courses are now available that previously were used for intelligence agencies’ personnel.

I think it is good to also have a second passport besides your American one. BELIZE is one of the countries you might consider as there are numerous foreigners from all over the world living there including our neighbors to the north – Canada.

I learned from a former SPECIAL AIR SERVICES (SAS) officer who was an expert in air hijacking that as an American I should HIDE my American passport as soon as boarding. NEVER wear any USA flag pin or clothing. Blend in and keep your conversation to a minimum especially if you have a recognizable American accent like those in the USA Deep South. Finally never wear clothes associated with Americans like 3 piece suits or jeans.

If there is a hijacking AMERICANS are going to be TARGETED FIRST! Ditto for ANY traveling abroad!

Hugh Simpson

Situational AWARENESS Part 5

This is the last in my series on SITUATIONAL AWARENESS and here you will learn what we consider VERY good signs you are being WATCHED!

1. STARING – If a person is STARING at you then you are most likely being TARGETED!

2. PACING – If a person is PACING you either behind you or even across from you then you most likely being TARGETED!

3. DISTRACTION – This is used mostly by a person working in conjunction with an accomplice/s. By AWARE when someone tries to approach you to ask a question which could be totally innocent; however in this day and age it could be a part of TARGETING you!

On the STARING scenario I recommend giving that person the COLDEST DEADLIEST STARE you can muster! If you can’t pull this off then just act like you have not even seen the person but stay ALERT!

On the PACING scenario cross the street if it is possible and see if the person crosses too! If there is a store on that street especially one that you know has another exit/s enter it! Most likely the person will realize he/she has been made and go look for another mark.

So are you AWARE of the LAYOUTS of EVERY place you visit? The exit/s? NEVER enter a p!ace without this knowledge!

On the DISTRACTION scenario just make sure you are 110% ALERT and AWARE! One of the places can be convenient stores especially late at night! Unless you are LOCKED and LOADED and CONCEALED stay away from places like this late at night especially if you are a female!

We will be glad to teach you and your love ones more about SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!

Hugh Simpson

Situational AWARENESS Part 4

A Marine who fought in WW2 and the Korean War, Jeff Cooper, devised in 1970s what is now called the COOPER CODES which are used today:

WHITE – Unprepared and totally unaware. This is where 95% plus of Americans are.

YELLOW – RELAXED alert where there is no present threat but you are still AWARE and ALERT. This is what we teach you to be at ALL times!

ORANGE – This is the state you need to go to when there is a SPECIFIC alert whether MANMADE or NATURAL. This was what you witness when the NYPD sent out the alert to the neighborhood when they were looking at disarming or moving the suspicious pressure cooker. They advised everyone to stay away from their windows!

Finally we have CODE RED when there is a CRISIS situation where you have to be PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY prepared to go into FIGHT or FLIGHT mode!

It is ALWAYS BEST to AVOID confrontation when possible but you MUST be able to take EVASIVE ACTION and or FIGHT!

We teach ALL the necessary ways to protect you and your loved ones from CODE YELLOW to CODE RED!

Hugh Simpson

Situational AWARENESS Part 3

I have just finished reading my first Jack Reacher novel Worth Dying For. I would say Jack is the Poster Child of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!

Here is a quote that sums it up:

“He was an observant man. He had made his living by noticing DETAILS (my emphasis). He was living because he noticed DETAILS (my emphasis).”

Do YOU notice DETAILS?

At first that New York City woman HERO took a quick look at that pressure cooker; however when she returned for a second look she saw the suspicious wire and attached cell phone or phones. Not your ordinary pressure cooker!

As Jason Hanson says in his best selling Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, the most important thing he learned at The Farm, the CIA’s training school, was paying attention to DETAILS especially if they seemed out of place!

Here is an example he used that you should consider: wearing a heavy winter overcoat in the dead of summer! Would you notice that DETAIL? Would you be suspicious?

Hugh Simpson

Situational AWARENESS Part 2


In the last post we learned that over 90% of Americans have not got a clue as to SITUATIONAL AWARENESS because they are to busy yapping on their DUMBPHONES and texting!

How can you be AWARE when you are in a ZOMBIE state staring at a tiny little screen?

Instead you should be like that AWARE woman in New York City who spotted the pressure cooker on the sidewalk. Granted she did say that at first she spotted it and then began to walk away; however something (I like to call GUT LEVEL RESPONSE as I was taught) told her to go back and look closer!

You think if she had been yapping or texting she would have even noticed it the FIRST time?

Heck NO!

We live in times when muggings, carjackings, and terrorism is on the RISE in America regardless of how the politicians and media spin it!

Also those homeless guys in New Jersey saved lives by spotting that backpack near the train station. That bomb/s EXPLODED while the bomb team was trying to remove it!

YOU have to be in a state of HIGH ALERT when you are out on the streets of a city like New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, etc. Keep your HEAD and EYES CONTINUOUSLY MOVING!

STOP yapping and texting!

Hugh Simpson

Situational AWARENESS

A friend handed me a book to read by a former CIA officer, Jason Hanson, entitled Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

His MOST important first chapter is what EVERY person should follow – SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! He says this was the MOST important thing he was taught at The Agency!

I TOTALLY agree with Jason that over 90% of Americans are CLUELESS when it comes to SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! They are too damn busy texting or talking on their DUMBPHONES! By the way Jason does not even own a smartphone as they offer too easy access to hackers!

Right NOW do you have a CLUE as to what is happening 360 degrees around YOU? What are you SEEING & HEARING?

That woman in New York City that spotted the suspicious pressure cooker is a HERO! She was AWARE something was NOT right! What would YOU have done?

More tips on SITUATIONAL AWARENESS in next post!

Hugh Simpson

My Part of Our Mission

Yes I have FINALLY figured out what should be my part of the MISSION: teaching FITNESS & NUTRITION to the Preppers.

I have been an ISSA certified personal fitness trainer for 20 years having began this journey at 50 years young.

I already offer under the heading 6 Day Diet That Works! our SCIENTIFIC PROVEN program I learned at ISSA. Actually it is really NOT a diet but a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE as I explained in an article that I wrote for Survivor’sEdge magazine.

So before you come to our bootcamps run by Tim, David or Robin you should begin the 6 Day Diet That Works!. BUT only after you have consulted with your health practitioner.

Hugh Simpson

Why I’m Moving from US Mainland Part 2


As I told you I personally believe GOD is getting us ready for a CATACLYSMIC event in Mainland US that will then in Phase 2 go on to effect the ENTIRE world.

That event is discussed at the header YELLOWSTONE CALDERA.



Actually we are launching a new business involved with the R&D and manufacturing of a revolutionary new airfoil system for sailing yachts as discussed at Floating Homes WorldwideLLC.

We had previously looked at Fernandina, Florida until we discovered the AMAZING business and PERSONAL income tax advantages in Virgin Islands! Up to 90% REDUCTION of BOTH taxes!

So now we are making plans to be up and running by Labor Day weekend on Saint Croix.

When the SECOND phase of Yellowstone Caldera occurs – the NUCLEAR WINTER – the VIRGIN ISLANDS should be far enough south to keep us from freezing to death! Temperature could be ZERO in MIAMI!

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

Why I’m Moving from US Mainland


I want to tell you what I believe is getting ready to happen and how GOD has finally given me the avenue of ESCAPE and a SAFE AREA to go.

As many of you know, I write for SurvivorsEdge magazine and my editor, Cara, selected my article I had proposed on Yellowstone Caldera for the Spring issue. In it I said that that EVERY living thing within a 500 mile radius of Yellowstone would be OBLITERATED!

This was determined from extensive research that I did in preparing the article. Actually I wrote about this in depth in my book 2012 & Beyond.

I already knew the ASH from Yellowstone would be up to 6 inches deep even here in western NC! This ash is NOT like the kind that comes from your bar BQ pit. It is a gritty ash that can DESTROY combustion engines in hours! NO vehicles, trains, planes and boats moving!

So I asked GOD to find me a SAFE AREA from this catastrophe; however the ERUPTION is only the BEGINNING of it as I told Preppers in the article. Then comes the dreaded NUCLEAR WINTER plunging temperatures to ZERO in even Miami FLORIDA! This will be a WORLD WIDE event lasting from 6 MONTHS to one YEAR according to meteorologists who have studied the Nuclear Winter.

You can learn more about Yellowstone Caldera at the new header and in the next post I will tell you where I think that SAFE AREA is located AND it is NOT mainland USA!

Hugh Simpson