Escape & Evasion Part 14


Here is one you might not think pertains to ESCAPE & EVASION but it applies to EVERY aspect of your PREPAREDNESS & SURVIVAL especially today:

*SECRECY is relative and one man’s secret is another one’s joke! This is the way some supposedly classified info goes public.

KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! NEVER tell your friends, neighbors or even blabber mouth relatives about your PREPAREDNESS storage in your home or at your SAFE AREA!

When the SH-T hits the fan your so called friends, neighbors and even relatives could become DESPERATE and your PREPAREDNESS stuff could become THEIR’S!

Don’t think this could NOT happen!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 13


More tips from the training at The Farm:

*If you can see a LARGE group of people you can blend in with while being pursued, DO IT!

*DISGUISE can be VERY important in your mission. Develop several BEFOREHAND! Try to make sure you BLEND IN.

*NOISE can be your BIGGEST enemy especially at NIGHT!

*UNEXPECTED developments on a mission means you probably have missed something. ALWAYS prepare for the UNEXPECTED!

*TREES can distort electronic voice surveillance. Also if you are near water talk DOWN into the water especially ocean waves.


Finally in the last post we discussed the IMPORTANCE of having a SAFE AREA/SAFE HOUSE like The Agency uses. If you don’t have one consider having our professional real estate broker Linda find you one here in the western North Carolina mountains like you see above. She knows what we require for one and is an excellent Buyer’s Agent!

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Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 12


If the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other intelligence agencies have SAFE HOUSES for their covert officers to flee to then don’t you think YOU need one too?

I tell my friends and clients to have a SAFE AREA at least 100 MILES from their urban/suburban area! That is the MINIMUM distance of SAFETY from potential chaos and rioting during either a MANMADE or NATURAL disaster. I bring up what happen after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and REST MY CASE!

We can help you locate a SAFE AREA for you and your loved ones. Why do you think I live where I live in the western NC mountains you see here?


Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 11


Hope you are getting value out of my SpyCraft for You! ebook and here are more tips that could safe YOUR LIFE!

*MOONLIGHT distorts your perspective and makes depth perception difficult.

*This one I can’t emphasize enough. Make this YOUR mantra: ALWAYS have at least ONE EXIT strategy! Preferably MORE than one!

*Here is another VERY important LIFE-SAVING tip drilled into the minds of every recruit at The Farm: Don’t let RAGE or FURY distort your thinking. Stay COOL, CALM and COLLECTED!

As Janson learned in the Ludlum novel The Janson Directive and it has become my mantra: “Clear like water, cool like ice.”

More to come!

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 10


Yes we are up to 10 postings on this series with LOTS more to come as I think this is one area of your Preparedness & Survival that is only going to get MORE IMPORTANT as time goes by! Living in your so called SAFE adobe like I did when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s is a thing of the past! HOME INVASIONS are on the UPSWING along with CARJACKINGS and ROBBERIES!

So here we go:

*If it is late at night, best not to even answer the door! However if you think you have to play Good Samaritan, at least before you answer dowse the LIGHTS closest to where you are. Most likely you will not have any lights on anyway.

*Yeah you read about or see this in the movies but it WORKS especially if the bedroom is DARK: the old “pillows looking like a sleeping person” trick as it just might save your life!

Speaking of the bedroom, if you hear a person in your house, get IMMEDIATELY under the bed preferably with a Glock! Then make sure you have a view of DOOR so you can see the intruder/s’ FEET. One or two nicely placed shots in the lower LEG to FOOT area will certainly get them off guard long enough for you to get the upper hand on the situation.

Practice this maneuver with a paintball pistol as close to the size and weight of your regular one!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 9


Continuing ESCAPE & EVASION from my ebook SpyCraft For You!

*When surveilling a building try to find a place like a restaurant or Starbucks, where you will not attract undue attention.

*Like the Mafia ALWAYS sit facing the ENTRANCE to a restaurant preferably close to the kitchen exit.

*A stethoscope makes a GOOD and reasonably priced listening device.

*MOONLIGHT distorts your perspective and makes depth perception difficult.

*ALWAYS have at least one EXIT strategy!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 8


Continuing techniques that are taught at The Farm from my ebook SpyCraft For You!

*Use CHAOS to your advantage! It can make it a lot easier to escape undetected.

*ALWAYS have a BugOut backpack ready to go with you at ALL times! As a Preparedness & Survival consultant, I have one with EVERYTHING I need including 3 days of food, water, weapons, clothes, first aid, water filtration unit that can purify up to 100,000 gallons, fishing kit, snake bite/sting extractor, and a hammock/tent that weighs less than several pounds.

*Invest in some GOOD night-vision goggles or binoculars! However if you are trying to incapacitate your enemy, who is wearing night-vision googles, one way is to turn on EVERY light source as it will be a PAINFUL BLINDING MINUTE you can possibly use to good advantage!

Yes I know they are EXPENSIVE. So I am going to experiment with creating a pair like MacGyver did on his new TV series. Will keep you updated!

*ALWAYS carefully study where you are staying! If in a hotel, locate ALL the possible exits especially the one through the kitchen! However make sure you look like you should be there.

*Invest in a GOOD pair of SOFT sole shoes preferably BLACK. In fact have one entire outfit in BLACK!

Some experts say GRAY is the BEST color. Either one should do nicely!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 7


Today I want to begin to share with you what I have learned and shared in my ebook SpyCraft & You!

What is taught at The Farm, the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) training facility, to their recruits can be very helpful to you.

* ALWAYS use and be aware of your NATURAL surroundings. They could save your life! Learn to use them for HIDING, SHELTER, and SURVEILLANCE!

*When you think you are being followed use large glass WINDOWS for surveillance. The follower may be stupid enough to think you are just window shopping! Remember to act casual.

*If you look like you BELONG, the majority of the time you will NOT be challenged.

*Get yourself one of those new spy cams that can be worn as a button on a jacket! It will make it easier later when you are studying what you have been surveilling. Yes it is just like the ones being worn by police!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson


Escape & Evasion Part 6


Have you heard of the SAS-UK’s Special Air Services-considered by many the most ELITE fighting force in the world?

It was from studying the SAS that I learned what you see in this VIDEO. EVERYONE of these fighters carry this POCKET Preparedness Kit (the PERFECT container is an ALTOIDS box)!

Hugh Simpson

Escape & Evasion Part 5


This was at my other site FitterPrepper but is just as important to your ESCAPE & EVASION plan!

In this VIDEO you will see what I carry in my pocket at ALL times from Smith’s!
(I incorrectly identified the FIRE STARTER item as a sharpener).

Hugh Simpson