Be Prepared Not Scared! Part 3

We spoke about parking your EGO OUTSIDE the door and that also means being NOT ARROGANT and COCKY!

Here is what former SEAL officer Jocko Wiilink says in Extreme Ownership:

“In the SEAL Teams, we strive to be confident, but not cocky (see chapter 12). SEALs take tremendous pride in the proud history and legacy of our organization. We are confident in our skills, what we can accomplish, and eager to take on the challenging missions that others cannot or aren’t willing to execute. But we can’t EVER (my emphasis) think we are too good to fail or that our enemies aren’t capable, deadly, and eager to exploit our weaknesses. We must NEVER (my emphasis) get complacent. This is where controlling the ego is most important.”

More in next post!

MR Valentine

Grid Going DOWN!

Yes it is not a matter of IF but WHEN!

I wrote about what could be a likely scenario that was caused by NATURE in my book entitled Grid Going Down! available in our STORE.

There are several MAN-MADE scenarios – one is TERRORISM and the more likely is OVERLOAD of an ANTIQUATED system!

When the GRID was created there was NO internet. There was NO smartphone. There was NO tablet. There was NO WiFi. There was no HDTV screen. There was no device like Alexa. The list is ENDLESS!

All these devices need ELECTRICITY.

One day the GRID will OVERLOAD and because of the way it was designed there will be a DOMINO EFFECT across the USA! And it will not be LIMITED to the USA.

We could go back to the DARK AGES in a blink of an eye!

NO banks or ATMs. NO service stations able to pump gas. NO stores open. NO traffic signals working.

It will be WORSE than a TERROR attack!


MR Valentine


After reading the ABSURD story that this MORON GLENN SIMPSON has reported as JOURNALISM that the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA) is fronting for RUSSIA, I decided it was time to TAKE BACK THE USA by ONLY supporting the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and the US CONSTITUTION and its amendments!

Yes Glenn you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH and I treasure that as a former investigative reporter for both CBS and Post Newsweek.

However Glenn, I also support the SECOND AMENDMENT to our US CONSTITUTION that also the NRA does! In fact I’m a member of the NRA and a proud owner of numerous guns!

Where are the FACTS to support what you have said about the NRA? When I was a reporter we had to use FACTS and NOT FAKE NEWS!


So should YOU!

MR Valentine

Become A XtremePreparedness Commando!

Yes this Spring 2018 I will be offering NO COST video conferencing training (24 MAX!) with only the stipulation that you recruit others after you complete your training!

The RUSSIANS are way more PREPARED than us! Putin has classes for ALL RUSSIANS running around the clock! We estimate through reliable intelligence that only TWO PERCENT of Americans are at XTREMEPREPAREDNESS LEVEL!

It is my goal to move that to THREE PERCENT which would be another 3,000,000 plus READY for man-made and natural disasters!

Are YOU going to be one of my first XTREMEPREPAREDNESS COMMANDOS?

Let me know at CONTACT page!


MR Valentine

XtremePreparedness Commandos Motto

“I will strive to do and be my BEST 24/7/365. I will value INTEGRITY always striving to tell the TRUTH. I will practice self-discipline and mastery of WHATEVER I undertake and NEVER accept the EASY option. I will get out FRONT and do what is RIGHT. I will always put the MISSION and the SAFETY of my team FIRST and me LAST. I will always RESPECT the RIGHTS and VALUES of others even if I don’t always agree with them. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!”


We know for a FACT that less than TWO PERCENT of the current population of the USA could SURVIVE and THRIVE during a national disaster!

That is why effective today we are starting XTREMEPREPAREDNESS COMMANDOS!

This is not some VIDEO game you play and walk away from!

What you will be learning here could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

No it will NOT be ZOMBIES but it could be the USA grid going down as I discuss in my book Grid Going Down!

RIGHT NOW there are several TSUNAMI scenarios for both Pacific and Atlantic that could wreak havoc!

We know for a FACT there are over FIFTY “BABY NUKES” MISSING from the former USSR arsenal! Our intelligence says these backpack nukes are being bought by the HIGHEST bidder and I bet it is NOT in BITCOIN!

As I say in my sixth book coming out entitled XtremePreparedness:Be Prepared Not Scared, I’m just trying to move it up to THREE PERCENT if we are lucky!

Stay tuned!

MR Valentine

Chief Evangelist & Founder

Be Prepared Not Scared! Part 2

So let’s talk some more about the EXTREME OWNERSHIP aspect of PREPAREDNESS.

One VERY important aspect of EXTREME OWNERSHIP is LEAVING YOUR EGO OUTSIDE THE DOOR as my friend and co-founder of EST, the late Bill Thaw, use to say!

Former Navy SEAL officers and trainers Jocko and Leif stress this in their book Extreme Ownership (RESOURCES). They give an example of trying to work with another SEAL team in Ramadi during the Iraqi War. This team was joining with them and the famous US Army Band of Brothers 506 in Ramadi.

Already Jocko had his SEAL team looking like the Band of Brothers so they could work together on the MISSION – military haircut, clean uniforms etc.

The new SEAL team refused to change wearing their dirty cutoffs and tees. They also refused to follow the orders of the Army whose base it was they were occupying. They made it extremely likely that there could be a “blue on blue” event where friendly fire wounded or killed each other because they would not share what they were doing!

This SEAL team had a HUGE EGO! It especially caused morale problems between them and the Army 506. Finally they were asked to leave and return to their previous base.

They could have been a HUGE asset in the fighting at Ramadi but they refused to park their EGOS OUTSIDE THE DOOR!

Yes there will be bruised EGOS but as Jocko and Leif say: THE MISSION IS THE TOP PRIORITY!

More in next post!

MR Valentine
Chief Evangelist & Founder

New Direction Starts NOW!

Yes this will become my personal website for my businesses around the niche of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, PREPAREDNESS and SURVIVAL.

It will also discuss my vision I want to create across America of “libertarian” eco-villages where we espouse Thomas Jefferson’s famous words as XTREMEPREPAREDNESS COMMANDOS: “That government that governs LEAST governs BEST”!

MR Valentine


Be Prepared Not Scared! Part 1

The MOST important aspect of PREPAREDNESS is what several of my US SEAL mentors, Jocko and Leif, say in their new book of the same title – EXTREME OWNERSHIP! See RESOURCES.

So what does this mean?

EXTREME OWNERSHIP is a SEAL term and is the same as President Harry Truman’s famous quote: “THE BUCK STOPS HERE!” SEALs take FULL responsibility for what happens on a mission! NO ifs, buts, are allowed!

You MUST do the same when it comes to PREPAREDNESS!

More to come!

MR Valentine

Chief Evangelist & Founder