My Part of Our Mission

Yes I have FINALLY figured out what should be my part of the MISSION: teaching FITNESS & NUTRITION to the Preppers.

I have been an ISSA certified personal fitness trainer for 20 years having began this journey at 50 years young.

I already offer under the heading 6 Day Diet That Works! our SCIENTIFIC PROVEN program I learned at ISSA. Actually it is really NOT a diet but a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE as I explained in an article that I wrote for Survivor’sEdge magazine.

So before you come to our bootcamps run by Tim, David or Robin you should begin the 6 Day Diet That Works!. BUT only after you have consulted with your health practitioner.

Hugh Simpson

Why I’m Moving from US Mainland Part 2


As I told you I personally believe GOD is getting us ready for a CATACLYSMIC event in Mainland US that will then in Phase 2 go on to effect the ENTIRE world.

That event is discussed at the header YELLOWSTONE CALDERA.



Actually we are launching a new business involved with the R&D and manufacturing of a revolutionary new airfoil system for sailing yachts as discussed at Floating Homes WorldwideLLC.

We had previously looked at Fernandina, Florida until we discovered the AMAZING business and PERSONAL income tax advantages in Virgin Islands! Up to 90% REDUCTION of BOTH taxes!

So now we are making plans to be up and running by Labor Day weekend on Saint Croix.

When the SECOND phase of Yellowstone Caldera occurs – the NUCLEAR WINTER – the VIRGIN ISLANDS should be far enough south to keep us from freezing to death! Temperature could be ZERO in MIAMI!

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

Why I’m Moving from US Mainland


I want to tell you what I believe is getting ready to happen and how GOD has finally given me the avenue of ESCAPE and a SAFE AREA to go.

As many of you know, I write for SurvivorsEdge magazine and my editor, Cara, selected my article I had proposed on Yellowstone Caldera for the Spring issue. In it I said that that EVERY living thing within a 500 mile radius of Yellowstone would be OBLITERATED!

This was determined from extensive research that I did in preparing the article. Actually I wrote about this in depth in my book 2012 & Beyond.

I already knew the ASH from Yellowstone would be up to 6 inches deep even here in western NC! This ash is NOT like the kind that comes from your bar BQ pit. It is a gritty ash that can DESTROY combustion engines in hours! NO vehicles, trains, planes and boats moving!

So I asked GOD to find me a SAFE AREA from this catastrophe; however the ERUPTION is only the BEGINNING of it as I told Preppers in the article. Then comes the dreaded NUCLEAR WINTER plunging temperatures to ZERO in even Miami FLORIDA! This will be a WORLD WIDE event lasting from 6 MONTHS to one YEAR according to meteorologists who have studied the Nuclear Winter.

You can learn more about Yellowstone Caldera at the new header and in the next post I will tell you where I think that SAFE AREA is located AND it is NOT mainland USA!

Hugh Simpson

Welcome Captain Tony!


I’m pleased to announce that we are now ready to offer you and your family your first step toward being a SEA GYPSY PREPPER like I am becoming.

I will be attending one of the top sailing schools in America owned by Captain Tony in Fernandina, FL. This is required by many insurance and financing companies before you can finance your boat and insure it.

You can learn more about Windward Sailing School under that heading here.

Hugh Simpson

NEW Name for Bootcampers!


YES I’m excited to announce that attendees of our bootcamps will have what I consider a real COOL name – Templar Commandos!

Are you aware that the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR were the creator of the CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE? TEMPLARS were military strategists!

All our tees and caps will display the logo you see above. Also we will soon have a separate site at

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson


As I think more about being locked into trainings just in western North Carolina with POOR communications especially WiFi the more I think we should be a TOTALLY MOBILE operation especially on land! This will also eliminate the costs of renting or buying land. More importantly for participants we can make it more affordable by cutting out air or vehicle traveling cost!

I’m asking my long time friend and former UK Special Boat Services member (equivalent to our US Navy SEALs) and now VP of Security for CNN for his valuable input.

Like: should we employ a Hummer like vehicle or an RV and should we provide the Lawson hammock/tent combinations or let participants bring their own shelter?

What should we carry in the vehicle for the training purposes?

Have any suggestions?

Hugh Simpson

Freedom! Part 19

Today my mentor Harry Browne discusses PERSONAL MORALITY as it relates to FREEDOM.

“A personal morality is basic to your overall view of how you’ll find happiness. It’s so important that a later chapter will be devoted entirely to questions that can help you form such a morality for yourself. And it’s important that you form it YOURSELF (my emphasis).

“No one else (including me) is qualified to tell you how to live. A realistic morality has to consider many personal factors: your emotional nature, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and, most important, your goals.

“Your code of conduct has to be consistent with your goals so that you don’t do anything that would make those goals unattainable. A code devised by someone else will necessarily be based upon the goals he believes possible and desirable.”

Hugh Simpson
Sea Gypsy Prepper

Freedom! Part 18

My mentor, Harry Browne, uses a very good example to show what REAL FREEDOM is. He sets up a scenario where you want a MILLION DOLLARS!

” It’s unrealistic, then, to say, ‘All I want is a million dollars.’ The money is a means to other ends, and it has to be obtained in a way that won’t interfere with those ends. Otherwise, you might do something (such as robbing a bank) that would make it impossible to achieve what you really want.”

Now here comes what I think is REAL FREEDOM!

Harry continues:

“The original statement would be closer to the truth if it were phrased, ‘What I want is ENOUGH (my emphasis) money to buy the things I want and to be FREE (my emphasis) to enjoy those things and to have the RESPECT (my emphasis) of people I like and without obtaining the money in a way that will interfere with other values that are more important to me.'”

“Since you’re always seeking numerous different goals, you try to foresee the ways in which something immediately desirable might get in the way of other things that are more desirable in the long run. You try to consider more than just what’s immediately in front of you. You’re placing things in a broader context.”

Harry, I could not have said it better!


Hugh Simpson
Sea Gypsy Prepper