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Yes XtremePreparedness has morphed again hopefully in the right direction. All this talk of World War III plays right into our NEW direction of working with HIGH END clients looking for protection against the 98% WIPEOUT

I have a new Power Point presentation that shows how we now offer a ONE STOP SHOP for our clients needs of preparing their loved ones with BUG-OUT BACKPACKS, underground units equipped with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical filters and Bioponica setups, and 24/7/365 security with our former members of US and U.K. Special Forces. We also offer ways to DISAPPEAR and RE-APPEAR discussed in the FREE ebooklet you can get HERE

We are at your service!

MR Valentine



EXCITING news! My friends of International Sports Science Association (ISSA) LIKE my program I want to develop with TOTAL OUTDOOR training involving workout stations like those available at Mansion Athletics where there is only the use of these stations and NO equipment!

I think if I can get their involvement along with their supplier friends and over 20,000 ISSA trained fitness trainers like myself then I can get Jeff DeLuca, founder of my favorite fast food company Subway involved. They know I put the Subway breakfast to the test resulting in losing 46 POUNDS in 6 months and down to a 28 inch waist! I want Jeff with his franchise owners to sponsor one workout area per franchise. 

Patrick Gambia, the CEO at ISSA, shared with me that ISSA is now Department of Defense approved training! That means my vets I work with especially retired Marines can qualify for becoming fitness instructors for my program! 

I want to especially locate these workout areas in urban areas where people can’t even afford a $10 per month gym membership! I want to see youngsters working out together with my age group. 

I also want to see my friend Dr Epstein’s Bioponica unit in the same area supplying fruits, veggies, wheatgrass, fish, etc. through his revolutionary patented soilless water growing system that can be operated 24/7/365 with only an hour per day of maintenance! 


Will keep you posted on updates!

MR Valentine 

98% WIPEOUT! Part 1

Yes those are numbers of how many Americans would be sick or dying after a bio attack like SARS or even Avian flu!

You may think I am an alarmist but here is why I think these numbers are RIGHT ON!

I would say that 98% of Americans have a compromised IMMUNE SYSTEM. Mainly this is due to being OVERWEIGHT TO OBESE and OUT OF SHAPE! It is a PROVEN FACT that DIABETES 2 which they estimate that 33% of Americans will have by 2050 according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is preventable by proper nutrition and exercise! This is rising to this percentage due to the OVERWEIGHT TO OBESE and OUT OF SHAPE Americans ranging from toddlers to seniors!


We travel either in our own vehicles or other forms of transportation besides our feet! At 71 years young I try to walk EVERYWHERE I live! We “veg out” in front of HDTV screens instead of going OUTSIDE to exercise! We also are suffering from a devastating form of malnutrition pushed on us by the numerous fast food restaurants and even grocery stores by these BOGO (Buy One Get One) campaigns as seen in our media. Have you EVER seen HEALTHY food advertised with BOGO ads and commercials?

As a Preparedness and Survival consultant and author of three books on the niche and ISSA personal fitness trainer for over 20 years (starting at age 50) I will tell you that 98% of today’s Americans could NOT SURVIVE a national disaster either man-made or natural! That includes a HUGE number of first responders!  Also these Preppers I have seen think that 1500 canned goods or freeze dried food and barrels of water are going to save them!

WRONG! They are OVERWEIGHT TO OBESE and OUT OF SHAPE with most likely diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other immune DEFICIENCY diseases! So the majority of them will be in the 98% bracket!
I am going to start a national campaign starting with President Trump to get America PHYSICALLY FIT again! I have a direct contact through a business associate to him. I am going to invite former US Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine and former US Army Ranger Captain Greg Amundson to join me when we meet with President Trump to convince him this is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY that must be dealt with ASAP! I am going to suggest that either Mark or Greg be appointed as the Czar of Physical Fitness as both have this priority as a TOP one in their current missions. 

We can NOT allow this to continue as sooner than later we could see the above mentioned scenario occur on US soil!

This is MY new mission!

MR Valentine

Greg Amundson


Greg has become my GO TO GUY for getting ready to do CROSSFIT training as he is a PIONEER in the field! 

Little bit about Greg. First and foremost he is a CHRISTIAN and I purchased his new daily devotional book GOD IN ME (STORE) where GOD shared insights with Greg through the SMALL STILL VOICE that Greg says is a MUST in becoming one of GOD’S WARRIORS! Greg has been in both law enforcement as a deputy sheriff and DEA agent and instructor and has proudly served the USA as a Army captain! 

Then I just got my copy of Greg’s FIRE BREATHER FITNESS (STORE) combining Greg’s teaching for BODY, MIND & SPIRIT!

I was SO PLEASED to see that Greg has an entire chapter to getting OUTDOORS TRAINING that fits right in with my new vision for XtremePreparedness! 

These are workouts requiring NO equipment except YOUR BODY for AIR SQUATS, PUSH-UPS, BURPEES, SPRINTS, PULL-UPS, WALKING LUNGES, SHUTTLE RUNS, etc. All of these are part of the OUTDOORS training Greg does at his own CrossFit program! 

Get BOTH of Greg’s books! 

MR Valentine 

ISSA Fitness Trainer 

Jillian Michaels


Yesterday in my Dollar Tree store (one of my FAVORITE hangouts!) and always I checkout the book section. This time I found the star of the NBC hit The Biggest Loser and considered TV’s TOUGHEST fitness guru, Jillian Michaels’ Winning By Losing. (STORE)

I expected it to be another celebrity fluff book on fitness!


Jillian shares exactly what we were trained to share with our clients at International Sports Science Association (ISSA). She herself was a bullied overweight by 50 pounds teen who found karate! 

Her three S’s – SELF, SCIENCE & SWEAT are right on! 

For instance she ends the myth about trying to be like your favorite Hollywood star by saying they are AIRBRUSHED! Imagine that! 

She also destroys the BMI way of determining if you are overweight and obese replacing it with the much more scientific reliable WAIST TO HIP RATIO! 

And much more on eating right and exercising right!

Go to your Dollar Tree and search for this book! 

I want you to buy EVERY copy in the store! Heck they are only ONE DOLLAR!

Then save one for yourself and either give others away or take them to your local library!

MR Valentine

ISSA Fitness Trainer 



Yep TWO PERCENT is the MAGIC NUMBER that you should ALWAYS remember!

I learned about this MAGIC NUMBER when I became a trainer for the now defunct program Slight Edge.

The cofounder Doug Beekman taught us that only TWO PERCENT would EVER really follow through and keep a COMMITMENT till they became WORLD CLASS at what they do in ANY field as my mentor Robin Sharma likes to call it.

How many young kids ever make it to the NFL from the time they start playing Pop Warner football?

TWO PERCENT or less!

How many people who take a money making course or even get an MBA reach BILLIONAIRE status?

TWO PERCENT or less!

How many make it through US Navy SEAL training in every class?

TWO PERCENT or less!

How many in the USA are at the level of XtremePreparedness?

You guessed it! 


Heck I see this in EVERY aspect of live today: TWO PERCENT!

I have decided to see if I can at least raise that percentage to THREE PERCENT of being at the level of XtremePreparedness in the USA!

Do you want to join me?

MR Valentine


Hazards of INDOOR Gyms

Besides other people’s stuff and unattended equipment acting as mine fields in a gym, there are numerous unhealthy situations that could nix your time in the gym, send you to the hospital or even cause death!

GERMS, BACTERIA, FUNGI, and VIRUSES love gyms particularly in the showers and pool decks. Also sweat left on benches and even equipment are breeding grounds for bacteria, not to mention towels, floors, and the railings and places you put your book or other things on those ever present stair steppers and treadmills.

Unless the gym is using HEPA filters you run the risk of picking up other people’s sickness like the flu or colds because you are in an ENCLOSED area with dozens or more people breathing the same air over and over! 

Here is a major hazard in a gym: WEIGHT MACHINES, which can pinch your hands and feet, catch your clothing or hair in the moving parts, and have worn out faulty cables with hundreds of pounds attached to them! Also the machines could be rusty and loose parts could cause serious injury.

MR Valentine 


Mansion Athletics Outdoor Workout Stations

Working with Katrina at Mansion to hopefully install this 12 station unit in Atlanta along with a Bioponica unit!

This unit offers:

*Boarding net which is a challenging climber working out both upper and lower body muscles just like pirates did when boarding a ship!

*Vault bar to challenge triceps, quadriceps and gastroc muscles!

*Pole climb for upper and lower body muscles!

*Triple horizontal bar to challenge the biceps!

*Swing bars for building shoulder, biceps and handgrip strength!

*Stall bar fence for building abs!

*Horizontal ladder for those pull-ups or just hanging in place!

*Balance beam for control, poise and posture!

*Parallel bars for dips and support of lunges and knee-bends!

*Chain ring ladder is an advanced version of the horizontal ladder.

*Sit-up station for abs and stretching!

*Pull slide for upper body and grip strength!

We can also attach our WOSS training units to the Horizontal Ladder for AWESOME SUSPENSION workouts!

If we can not raise enough funds for the 12 station unit then we will go for the 9 station unit!


MR Valentine

MR Valentine


Yes you will notice that MR Valentine has replaced Hugh Simpson as the Founder!

They are one in the same!

I am in the process of changing my name to MR Valentine like you see above.


It is related to my new book coming out – DISAPPEAR! It will be FREE as I want to help as many people DISAPPEAR as possible if they so desire!

My new book entitled Be Prepared Not Scared will also be by MR Valentine.

MR Valentine