Western North Carolina Eco-Village-Resort Model

As mentioned in the post we are beginning to create our first ECO-VILLAGE/RESORT model here in the beautiful western North Carolina mountains you see above. It will have one of our 24 foot diameter dodecahedron domes, 160 square foot tiny hunting lodge and the new cabin styled container home as seen on the right in the rendering above.

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Our domes are made of 2x6s, 3/4inch interior/exterior plywood triangles and covered with the all green product HydroStop™. The 2x6s and their plywood hub connectors use no nails, screws, latches, bolts/nuts but instead wooden dowels.


Here is another COOL aspect about our DODECAHEDRON DOMES!

They are HEAT SINKS allowing for them to be WARM in the winter and COOL in the SUMMER AUTOMATICALLY with NO HVAC required! This definitely cuts utility bills! Some people have been known to cool their dome with an RV air conditioner and heat it with a HAIR DRYER – though personally I would have to experience this heating experience myself to believe it!


What you see above is our DODECAHEDRON DOME structure that goes together like a GIGANTIC TINKER TOY! All the struts and hubs are COLOR CODED so that even a child can help with the building of the structure! The DODECAHEDRON DOME is the STRONGEST man made structure on the Planet! It is built to withstand Category 4 to 5 hurricane winds and the water surge goes either over the top or around the dome. It can withstand 50,000 pounds of pressure per square inch making it excellent for earthquake prone areas. Like the water surge tornado winds go around the structure.

Of course windows and doors may not survive these assaults by Mother Nature. Also there are no soffits or gutters to repair or clean out of leaves! The HydroStop coating you see below on our 24 foot diameter dome should last about 10 years. It only requires an annual water brushing to keep it clean.

Here is our 36 footer that has well over 1000 square feet of floor space and more can be added to it with a loft!


If the tiny hunting lodge is not your cup of tea then here is our 160 square foot container home that was principally built for Florida and featured on HGTV. It can be customized to look like the rendering of the log cabin styled one at the extreme right in the photo.

Here is a rendering my MAGIC MAN KYLE did of what this container home could look like inside!


In the previous post you saw Adam’s tiny hunting lodge and now you see them along with his new cabin style container home (extreme right) in KYLE HANOVER’S rendering of our eco-village. Also you see the rendering of what the cabin style container home could look like below.


Our Florida based Customized Container will be offering this MOBILE 160 square foot tiny hunting lodge as one of the structures for the ECO-VILLAGE.