The Gaia House Charter Part 3


1. Create a living space that BREATHES!

2. Do not site or build near ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION! Also stay away from negative ground radiation. Design to prevent build-up of static and EMF.

3. Provide sources of SAFE and HEALTHY air and water. Create good humidity, negative-ion balance and pleasant fragrance from herbs, materials and polishes. Use NATURAL air flow and ventilation.

4. Create a QUIET living space free from external and internal noise.

5. Design to allow SUNLIGHT and DAYLIGHT to penetrate your living space so you do not have to rely on artificial lighting.

Yes this is a tall order but I believe this is no longer a hoped for way of building and renovating but a MUST!

When David wrote this book (available at our RESOURCES area) close to 25 years ago we were not at the dangerous tipping point we are today!

Hope you consider in 2018 and beyond following this Charter!

MR Valentine

Chief Evangelist & Founder

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