Our Western North Carolina Eco-Village

My MAGIC MAN KYLE HANOVER gave me an early Christmas present today with his rendering of what our western North Carolina mountain XTREMEPREPAREDNESS ECO-VILLAGE could look like! 

I discovered Kyle on Fiverr and he has delivered his MAGIC since he did the renderings for my America’s Music HOF & Museum several years back. He also did this one we showed Sir Richard Branson’s Team for rebuilding the British Virgin Islands.

I see REAL MAGIC coming in 2018 when one or both of these renderings come to LIFE!


MR Valentine 

Chief Evangelist & Founder 


My experience so far has been that very few of you are even CONCERNED about SITUATIONAL AWARENESS especially as related to these videos: 37 and 38 dealing with potential attacks coming to USA soil like the sneak attack December 7, 1941 on Pearl Harbor! 

Sadly one of my veteran friends had FORGOTTEN this important date in American history! 

That is what I see happening in the USA where the heist of $70,000,000 of BS CRYPTO CURRENCY is more newsworthy than remembering those that DIED at the Pearl Harbor SNEAK ATTACK! 

If you spent the time watching these videos then you will know that US intelligence “chatter” has been telling us that are SITUATIONALLY AWARE that it is NOT a matter of IF but WHEN we experience another SUICIDE ATTACK on USA soil! It could be one of those missiles from North Korea hitting Guam or even Hawaii! It sure has the top members of the US military and the Trump Administration concerned enough to reinstate the use of the Cold War air raid system! 

The more likely scenario I am EXPECTING is the same playing out in the Middle East and Europe – the use of RADICAL Islamic terrorists using SUICIDE backpacks in a mall possibly during this holiday season or a holiday season event like a college or professional football game! 

If in a mall the majority of the protection team are UNTRAINED Rent-A-Cops who would not know how to PROFILE a potential terrorist if their lives depended on it! That is why we have told our clients to STAY AWAY from malls! The mall companies should be hiring former members of the US Special Forces like SEALS, RANGERS AND MARINE RECON to protect us in malls! 

So NO you will NOT see any more posts here on SITUATIONAL AWARENESS as that info will be moved to to my new site SituationalAwareness.Expert coming soon! 

MR Valentine

Chief Evangelist & Founder 

Eco-Village for Western North Carolina 

It has always been my desire to eventually live in COMMUNITY in an ECO-VILLAGE. NOW I am working on making that a REALITY with our new Developments & Eco-Villages operation right here in the beautiful western North Carolina mountains as you see here. 

This will not be a large community with most likely 10 units of participants at a maximum. 

I have written in my previous books about developing what I have called a SAFE AREA and the importance of it being at least 100 MILES from a major urban area. Our area qualifies! 

I have a very experienced retired real estate broker here who also understands Preparedness. Ron Rich, one of the co-founders is also a retired real estate broker and an experienced community developer from Atlanta now living in Rabun County GEORGIA just over the border from my Macon County NORTH CAROLINA. 

If interested in updates reply or use the CONTACT page.

HOWEVER if you are into thinking you are a NON-SELF RELIANT ENTITLED IDIOT or a DE-SIMPLIYING, TWEAKING UPDATING INTERNET GEEK don’t waste your time replying especially if you work for WORDPRESS! 

MR Valentine

Founder & Chief Evangelist 

The REASON We Will NOT Move to USVI

I had time to catch up on my NRA published Shooting Illustrated today and found this letter signed by the Governor of the US Virgin Islands that basically stripped all LEGAL owners of guns due to the so called “Title 23, Chapter 19, Virgin Islands Code.”


Because Governor Kenneth Mapp considered it “necessary to maintain the health, welfare and safety of the people of the Virgin Islands in face of imminent danger or potential disaster from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma.”

As people have found out from the ones that have hit since Hurricane Katrina when then Mayor Nagin and then Police Commissioner Eddie Compass tried the same tactic, this is NOT the time to DISARM LEGAL owners!

As recently as the Houston Hurricane Harvey disaster the CRIMINALS took to the streets trying to rob businesses and homes! Did that IDIOT Governor Mapp not think this could happen on the USVI?

Fortunately after Hurricane Katrina, the NRA and then Republican Congressman Bobby Jindal of Louisiana stepped in by getting passed FEDERAL legislation passed with President George W Bush immediately signing that would PROHIBIT persons acting under color of FEDERAL LAW, receiving FEDERAL funds or acting at the direction of a FEDERAL employee, from SEIZING of LAWFULLY possessed firearms during a STATE OF EMERGENCY.

So with the USVI debacle the NRA reminded Governor Mapp of this legislation that also protected USVI residents from these seizures forcing him to rescind the executive order the very next day using some BS about the order was really suppose to allow the adjutant general the right to “purchase” these legal firearms if the National Guard felt ill equipped for the mission!

I read the letter above and I did not see anything about this BS Governor Mapp tried to say later on.

Here is exactly what the highlighted sentence said:

“The Adjutant General is authorized and directed to SEIZE (my emphasis) arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material and ANY (my emphasis) other property that may be required by the military forces…”

Is there ANY mention of PURCHASING these items?


We will NEVER set up an operation on the USVI as we had been planning on after this Governor Mapp tried to strip LEGAL firearms owners like myself!

MR Valentine

Founder & Chief Evangelist

Now Chief EVANGELIST for XtremePreparedness

Yes now I’m no longer CEO I’m CHIEF EVANGELIST which better suits me!

I rediscovered GUY KAWASAKI, who was the one that became famous as Apple Macs EVANGELIST and now is working with other companies like Mercedes.

I found a podcast where Guy was the guest and found out he was offering a new course on Brand & Cause Evangelism and because it was a Cyber Monday Special was offered for $10 instead of $150! This was truly a GODJOB rediscovering Guy as I read his first book Selling The Dream when it first came out years ago.

His course is 66 lectures with over three hours of videos. I started watching the videos last night.

Our ECO-VILLAGE fits all the requirements of a great product or cause to EVANGELIZE according to Guy!


MR Valentine

Founder & Chief Evangelist

Liberty Wood Products of Franklin NC

Excited to make contact with Liberty Wood Products here in Franklin who are interested in working with us to supply the struts, hubs, and plywood coverings for the dodecahedron dome! This will eliminate us having to manufacture these pieces ourselves!

They have state-of-the-art computerized equipment that can laser cut the pieces. They have even agreed to allow the my friend, Rob, the expert on dodecahedron dome building, to be there instructing the cutting of our first dome that will be the 24 footer you see here.

I have been in this dome that Rob built and it is so cool! This one we are building here will most likely become my new home!

Stay tuned for updates!

MR Valentine

CEO & Founder

To Manufacture the Dodecahedron Dome in Franklin NC

Just spent this morning in a fascinating conversation with Rob, who taught me how to build the dome years ago like the one you see here. We are going to manufacture the dome pieces like you see in the beginning of this VIDEO. Actually all the parts of this dome including the plywood roofing can fit into the back of a F150 pickup!

The superstructure itself can go up in 1-2 days with even a crew of four and then the third day the roof parts are nailed onto the superstructure and the coating that is all natural is placed on it. This coating should last up to 10 years.

We will only provide the outer shell and then a regular carpenter crew can do the interior.

All the pieces of the superstructure that we will manufacture are COLORED coded and go together like a gigantic Tinkertoy!

The DODECAHEDRON dome is the strongest dome and the dome is the strongest man-made structure on the Planet. It can easily withstand Category 4 and probably 5 winds. Water from the hurricane surge will flow either over the top or around the dome. The dome has also been simulated to withstand earthquakes high on the Richter Scale.

I always learn an interesting tidbit from Rob about domes. Today I learned how GEORGE WASHINGTON was the person who insisted on using a dome for the top of the US Capitol . He had seen dome structures in Europe but had no clue how to create the one for the Capitol! Rob said that actually there are TWO domes – the original for the Capitol is underneath the one we see now!

We should be building our first one at the beginning of 2018!

MR Valentine

CEO & Founder

NO Manufacturing for Us!

Yes I decided NOT to get us in the manufacturing business by being a part of SOS Prep Tech.

We have tried the manufacturing route before when were going to create a new UAV/drone used to “sniff” out meth labs in these western North Carolina mountains. We had a great deal of interest but the government regulations at that time were murky and unknown. So glad we did not pursue this avenue!

I will let Steve, our former General Manager, do the manufacturing and hopefully not have to muddle through the NEVER ending state and Federal regulations!

We will FOCUS on working with the suppliers that make our new XtremePreparedness Eco-Village a REALITY!

MR Valentine

CEO & Founder