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MR Valentine

Founder & Chief Evangelist

MR Valentine has spent the past 17 years teaching clients worldwide Preparedness and Survival publishing his first book in 1999 entitled A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond featured on FOX News, CNN and Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. He became the Y2K consultant for Atlanta WGST radio and preparedness and survival company Brigade Quartermaster. He has also beta tested products for Lodge, Brenton Solar, Wenzel, CleanWaste, Crank-A-Watt, Machete Store, Zaps Gear, Smith Products, Sawyer, etc.

He wrote his first book mentioned above, 2012 & Beyond and Grid Going Down! under his legal name of Hugh Simpson, where he currently runs also Templar Commandos, Floating Homes Worldwide LLC, Full-Out Adventure LLC, and and Smart Sail Technology.

His newest FREE ebooklet Disappear & Re-Appear! is available HERE.

Captain Don Sherrill USNR

Co-founder & CEO/COO

Here is his resume which I think speaks for itself:


▪ Master of Environmental and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1973.

▪ Thesis: Application of Advanced Technology (Remote Sensing) to Environmental Issues.

▪ Bachelor of Arts / Sociology, Psychology and Political Science, Minn. State University, 1967.


▪ American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Environmental Division (Retired – not active).

▪ National Society of Environmental Consultants: Certified Environmental Assessment Consultant.

▪ Certified Environmental Screening Consultant.

▪ Adjunct Instructor, Prescott College, Prescott Arizona (Environmental Planning).

Work Experience:

The Keppler Group, Inc:Principal and Senior Consultant to business and industry. Providing management, business development and technical services to clients in the areas of environmental impact assessment, planning and research with special emphasis on Noise Surveys and Environmental Due Diligence (CERCLA Site Assessments).

Burns and McDonnell:SE Regional Manager for Environmental Services. Involved with all aspects of marketing/providing Environmental Studies and Permitting Services throughout the southeastern US for this 100-plus year old engineering firm.

Marketek:Principal with planning research firm specializing in business planning, real-estate market research, market planning and product design planning. Clients located throughout the Southeast. Additional services provided in environmental assessment and compliance, urban planning, site location studies and technology application issues.

Southern Engineering Company of Georgia:Director of Environmental Services. Responsible for all environmental related activities at Southern Engineering, including marketing, managing, budgeting, and quality control. Projects included preparation of REA Borrower’s Environmental Reports (BER) for Electric Member Cooperative, and preparation of environmental portions of FERC license applications for low-head hydroelectric power projects.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Engineering Experiment Station: Research Scientist II. Responsible for the conception, marketing and management of a variety of environmental assessment studies, including rewriting portions of the NRC licensing documentation for Georgia Power’s nuclear Plant Vogtle, and review of impact and base realignment studies for major FORSCOM installations for U.S. Army FORSCOM HQ.

Battelle Columbus Laboratories:Research Scientist/Program Manager with a unique demonstration project testing technology transfer. Identified, through broad-based research and high-level interviews, local and regional environmental issues where applied research and technology could solve problems. Conceived applied research solutions and marketed research proposals. Managed interdisciplinary projects where technical experts were brought to bear on environmental issues, and conducted follow-up assessments for future marketing efforts.

Ron Rich 

Co-founder & CFO

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ron was raised in Missouri, Kentucky and Virginia before enrolling in Georgia Tech in 1953 where he received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering in 1958. He was hired by Kellog Switchboard and Supply later renamed IT&T Switchboard in Chicago.

Ron’s father asked if he would come back to Atlanta and take over his building supply company. He resigned from IT&T and took over DeJarnette Supply Company. For the next three years he added new types of materials keeping up with the construction business changes. Ron increased the annual sales and profits for the next five years and in 1968 he co-founded a companion company dealing with drywall materials only.

From 1972 through 1977 Ron started and or managed three construction companies, seven coal mining or processing companies, a company recycling plastic carpet fibers into pellets, one full service lake marina, a dog racing handicapping school, a consulting company teaching minority contractors the proper way to set up a construction company and several other consulting endeavors.

In 1978 Ron bought a furniture manufacturing company in Rabun County Georgia. He also purchased a retail lighting company and by 1996 he had become the largest Juno track and recessed lighting dealer in NE Georgia and Western NC.

In 1990 Ron purchased the Lake Lanier Mobile Home Park and operated it until 2001 when he sold it and bought seven rental units in Alto, Georgia. In 1996 Ron co-founded AGM Enterprises to publish a book titled This Magic Moment written by disc-jockey Harry Turner who grew up with and knew personally performers like Ruth Brown, Chairman of the Board, Smoky Robinson, Bill Pickney and the Drifters, Fats Domino, Billy Scott, the Coasters, Freddy Cannon, Sonny Turner, etc.

20160923-205152.jpgTim Crockett

Chief Security Officer

Tim Crockett is President & Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Consulting Group, a specialized consulting firm founded in 2009 that provides focused security risk, crisis management, travel safety services and training to individuals and companies seeking to keep their personnel safe when working or traveling internationally.


Tim has a strong military background that serves him well in designing and providing security and crisis management solutions. A native of Hereford, England, he became a member of the Royal Marine Commandos in 1990 and joined the Special Boat Service in 1992. After seeing service in a number of varied roles including Maritime Counter Terrorism Tim went on to become Senior Instructor for the UK Special Forces Selection Course.

In 2001 Tim moved into the private sector and continued to pursue a varied career providing support to a number of private clients in the areas of; threat and vulnerability assessments to projects and personnel and the implementation of security and safety management on projects throughout the globe.

For two years beginning in 2002, he worked within a major international news media network, training their personnel to operate in hostile environments and co-coordinating all of their field safety and security requirements before, during and after the last Gulf War. He attended the first U.S. Department of Defense ‘media-training’ course and made recommendations to the P.A.O (Public Affairs Office/officer) personnel at the Pentagon to better tailor the course to help prepare embedded journalists for the dangers of covering the war.

Tim remains an avid traveller and outdoorsman, and as such has been able to use his skills and experience to plan and help produce several television productions, including reality expedition shows and documentaries.

Tim has given presentations on safety and security in a number of forums from media, humanitarian (NGO) to the energy sector, including the ‘Media Leaders’ meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2005. Tim has appeared on a number of major news networks (CNN, CBC, Fox News), is an ‘on-air’ security contributor for Al Jazeera America he has also been quoted in several publications and interviewed for print media.

While working with the media, he has helped contribute to safer newsgathering. He has been honored by the Royal Television Society, the Overseas Press Club of America, a Golden Eagle Award and won Peabody Awards his roles in CNN’s ‘Terror on Tape’ series and “72 Hours Under Fire” the story of a news team under fire in the besieged city of Homs, Syria.

imageGreg Amundson

Amundson CrossFit


Greg is a native Californian who has had an AMAZING journey having been a deputy sheriff; US Army captain with the Military Police like my Dad who serviced with General Patton and a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent. Now Greg has recently been accepted into seminary! He is also one of the pioneers of CrossFit and has agreed to help us with a fitness program that we will be presenting to President Trump!

Soon you will also be able to get a DVD set with Greg’s FIREBREATHER FITNESS program!

Richi DiSabitino

Chief Technology Officer

As founder of International Security Group, Ltd., Mr. Di Sabatino currently services Fortune 500 companies and their executives with technical security consulting, technical security counter-measures (TSCM), security products and support operations. He is known to provide direction and leadership while actively participating in engineering, design and systems integration. Mr. Di Sabatino is responsible for the design and project management of multi-user, multi-location surveillance systems, secure communication platforms, intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence for his clients. His latest patent pending product KryptAll provides secure communication, without call records, to any phone anywhere in the world.

Mr. Di Sabatino worked for the Office of the Attorney General, Division of Criminal Justice, Organized Crime and Racketeering Bureau, and in the late 1980’s was sworn to office as a Special State Investigator in the state of New Jersey, working in an undercover capacity assigned to an international organized crime investigation. In this capacity he employed investigative tradecraft along with technical expertise in the area of electronic surveillance.

In the early 1980’s Mr. Di Sabatino was a member of Intelligence Devices Corporation, a research and development facility for covert electronic intelligence gathering equipment and operations, serving under exclusive contract with a United States Government Agency. In this context, sources and methods were developed for tradecraft applications with the primary area of concentration in the sourcing of foreign intelligence..

Mr. Di Sabatino is a State of New Jersey licensed private detective specialized in providing investigative services to attorneys involved in both civil and criminal matters. Areas of concentrations include: surveillance, truth and deception analysis (lie detection), technical security counter measures, undercover and background investigations, as well as executive protection and transportation. Additionally, Mr. Di Sabatino developed a commercial security alarm division specializing in custom CCTV systems and digital reporting devices to support larger security firms.

Andre Alexsen

Andre Alexsen was born and raised in Hollywood, California under the Hollywood sign. His grandmother Mileva Petrovich escaped the Nazi occupation in WWII where most of her family were killed or separated. She moved her family to Hollywood, where Andre was born and raised.

As a child Andre remembers playing in the Hollywood hills with his German Shepherd “Buddy” and watching classic movies and TV shows as he played make believe cops, cowboys, fireman, and soldiers. His family moved to a ranch home in Tarzana, CA in the San Fernando Valley across the street from actor Steven Boyd from Ben Hur fame. Steven was a big influence on Andre as an actor, and down the block lived actor and karate champ Bob Wall aka Ohara in Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee. It was Bob who got Andre interested and started in Martial Arts and then moving on to Krav Maga where he trained with Israeli Commandos.

Andre attended Portola Junior High and then went on to Taft High in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley, CA where he played football, started surfing, and got into racing muscle cars. He met a great friend named Patrick Beckwith of the movie BigWednesday at Taft, who got him into his first Mattel skateboard commercial as an actor/stunt skateboard rider. After graduation, Andre started working at The 20th Century Fox during the time Mash, Love Boat and Hart to Hart were all filming.

Fall Guy was the first stunt show that Andre worked on, produced by Lee Majors. Andre also worked grip and lighting as well as a stage manager, second unit director, directing for Hollywood National Studio’s (now 204 Studios) for friend Dick Sheehan. But it was always stunts, stunt coordinating, directing, hosting, acting and producing that he wanted and loved to do.

Andre currently trains private instruction MMA with the world famous Grand Master Sensei and never defeated Champion Gokor Chivichyan, who is now a great friend of Andres. Gokor Chivichyan is the owner of Hayastan MMA in North Hollywood, where Uncle Judo Gene Lebell, the Godfather of Grappling/top Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator had taught Andre about stunts, fighting, and Entertainment. This dojo also included Andre’s other legendary instructors Benny (The Jet) Urquidez and Sensei Santos Flaniken where all these instructors train World Champions and top UFC Fighters in MMA, Judo, Jujitsu, Grappling, and Striking.

Andre is also a weapons expert and instructor. He has trained with and helped train the US Military, Army, Special Ops, PIs, Navy Seals, Marine Corps, Black Hawk Crews, and Border Patrol from his Dad’s private military government contracted ranch in Arizona where the Dillion Mini Guns got started. Throughout the years, Andre has used his weapon expertise to work for Law Enforcement, P.I. Firms, Private Security, and has successfully made many arrests and saved lives.

He is now an accomplished Stuntman Actor, Stunt Coordinator, Daredevil TV show host, Action director, wild animal handler trainer, skydiver, scuba diver, adrenaline junkie, weapons expert, auto racer, stunt driver, and much more. His love for animals led him to keep working on set with animals, and all the things he had done growing up had prepared him for it. He rescues animals and then trained them for TV and Film. In return he gets blessed for it. Even his rescue German Shepherds have been hired for K9 cop units on TV shows. Animal rescue and conservation is a very important cause for Andre and it will always be. He has worked with tigers, jaguars, monkeys, rhinos, African elephants, bears, lions, leopards, horses, and more!

One day at the Perris, California drop zone, Andre had spotted the most beautiful woman that he had seen and she happened to be a skydiver with even more jumps than him. They began to skydive together and it was love at first flight. They are now inseparable, happily married, and train together in everything from skydiving, scuba diving, MMA, weapons, surfing, horseback riding, adrenaline activities, and are not only in love, but are best friends for life. She is now the Adrenaline Woman of his dreams and is known as Lina “Falcon” Alexsen, Stuntwoman, and Registered Nurse, as you can imagine it’s just what the doctor ordered due to all of the injuries and craziness of Andre.

The most important things to Andre are God, Family, Country, our Military and Vets, and all of his animal friends that help keep him grounded. After many credits in TV, Film, Music Videos, Commercials, and working for other people from Spielberg, Ron Howard, to Clint Eastwood, Andre has now formed his own production company. He is an Executive Producer, Action Director, writer, and has his own deals for three of his own TV shows. Andre is known as the Adrenaline Man aka “Relentless”!

Lina Alexsen

Lina Alexsen is definitely XTREMEPREPAREDNESS from being an Emergency room hospital nurse and reg RN out of Long Beach CA. From stab wounds to gunshots she can hadle it all! From being a triple certified scubadiver; peak performance and Nitrox gas diver; as well as a extreme skydiver Lina has added expertise in shooting world with AR 15; 1911 to 9mm handguns;

357, 38 ,44  revolvers and shotguns.

Lina is a 2nd Amendment Patrtiot and holds her military gun license now as well. Andre also got her into self defence and Krav-Maga. Being half Japanese, Lina picked up on it fast and trainned with Andre and Grand Master Sensei Gokor Chivicyan at Hayastan MMA in anti-rape self defense, Jui-Jitsu striking and active shooter situations. So whether its watching Andre’s 6 with a firearm, to landing in a drop-zone or removing a bullet on the spot she rocks and is a great role for our future Lady XtremePreparedness Commandos!


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