About XtremePreparedness

Vision Statement– To provide innovative products and services for personal resilience and a profitable income.

We encourage our urban clients to have a SAFE AREA at least 100 MILES from their present location. That is why we are now providing innovative shelters like our dodecahedron domes, tiny hunting lodges, timber frame homes and container homes as featured on HGTV. These shelters are available as complete packages that can be assembled by competent DIYers and professionals. We also provide a patented BIO-SECURE water based food growing system that provides fish, vegetables, wheatgrass, herbs, fruits, etc. that can be easily assembled.

We provide alternative energy packages including solar panels, wind turbines and a patented 400 watt hand cranked generator that uses Nicolas Tesla technology. We are affiliates for health and fitness products for completely out fitting your SAFE AREA ECO-VILLAGE

We can also help you locate prime SAFE AREA property in western North Carolina where the founder lives. If you chose to live abroad we have several areas where we work with competent experts.

Finally you may want to join the over 10,000 FULL TIME Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards on the Seven Seas. MR Valentine has written a book entitled Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards available at our STORE.

You will also note we offer his FREE Ebooklet entitled Disappear & Re-Appear at the header above that has been already downloaded over 1300 times in less than 6 months!

For those looking for a profitable recurring INCOME these ECO-VILLAGES can also be the basis for ECO-RESORTS which are becoming very popular as vacation destinations. Research shows the middle class and wealthy Millennials value EXPERIENCES more than luxury items! We can provide consulting for setting up the resort including the health spa and restaurant.

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